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Attendance Policy

Full time students taking six courses are required to accrue a minimum total of 570 weekly attendance minutes: 450 weekly minutes online, 90 minutes with content instructors, 20 minutes with their advisor, and 10 minutes completing their weekly check-in via Google Forms. Additional minutes are expected for supplemental offline learning. Virtual academy students have access to their courses 24 hours a day, seven days per week and may accumulate the said time weekly, Sunday through Saturday, throughout each school approved calendar trimester. 

The number of online minutes per PRAVA student, per course, per day is tracked daily by the Director of the Academy and content instructors/teachers through the Apex Learning Management System, LMS. Content instructors/teachers take student medical, illness, and/or family excused absences into consideration.  Students are expected to accumulate a minimum 30 advisor minutes per week and 90 minutes per course per week by: 

interacting with their advisor, Director of the Academy, a minimum of 20 minutes per week and completing a 10 minute weekly check-in via the Google Classroom and interacting online with each course for a minimum of 75 minutes a seven day week as per the trimester dates outlined in the school calendar and by interacting a minimum of 15 minutes per week with each of their course content instructors/teachers. Additional attendance minutes may accrue for students who need more academic support from their content instructors/teachers, IEP case managers, special education teachers or para-professionals. 

Individual student attendance is monitored daily and entered into Synergy by the advisor and content instructors/teachers where the middle school and high school attendance secretaries and district MARSS coordinator access the information to report attendance to the state. The Director of the Virtual Academy and the Technology Integrationist review the attendance data weekly, or more often as needed, and report attendance concerns to students, parents/guardians, Middle School Coordinator of Educational Services, High School Coordinator of Educational Services, and School Social Worker. 

After seven cumulated unexcused absences a student’s parent/guardian will be notified by certified mail that his or her child is nearing a total of nine unexcused absences and that, after 12 unexcused absences the student may lose credit for the class. However, prior to loss of credit, an administrative conference must be held among the principal, student and parent.